There are investments in your home you may overlook that will payoff when you decide to sell. Here are five of them:


Easily the most overlooked item, parking is a concern for growing families. In California we tend to use our garages for storage and/or additional living space. Widening the driveway is a simple way to park more cars off the street. There may be some additional space between the current driveway and the fence. You can even expand onto your lawn. Not only will you have additional parking but you’ll also have less yard to maintain. While asphalt will be the cheaper approach, converting your driveway to concrete will give you decades of maintenance free use. A gravel driveway will likely be the cheapest immediate approach. Be prepared to add more gravel as it will settle and displace over time.


When it comes to countertops, the thing to avoid is grout. Anyone with a tile countertop will tell you what a chore it is to keep the grout clean. While a stone countertop may spring to mind, you can save some money and still come have a solid surface (no grout) without resorting to granite. Corian, silestone, quartz and many other artificial surfaces can give you the same ease of cleaning for less money.

Going Smart

Today’s homebuyer appreciate a home that has been updated to reflect the connected nature of our lives. Think about install some “smart” options, like plugs, light sources and locks. This can seem expensive but does not have to be done throughout the home. Focus on areas such as the family room, the entrance and, perhaps the dining room or eat-in kitchen.


Probably the easiest to implement, a fresh coat of paint will go a long way to brighting a room. Avoid dark and/or trendy colors. Neutral, light colors will go a long way to making even a small feel bright.


This one takes some effort and know-how if you’re going to tile a floor. However, even using tile for a backsplash in the bathroom or from the countertop to the bottom of the upper kitchen cabinets can have an impact. You can find kits with pre-arranged tile at Home Depot and other similar stores.

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