There is a persistent myth that to be able to refinance your home loan you have to be¬† either salaried or showing a substantial taxable income on your tax returns. For all of you who do not meet these criteria, good news! Financing and/or re-financing is possible even when you don’t meet your local bank’s criteria.


Anyone who is self-employed knows that to show a meaningful bottom line on their personal taxes means having to forego their legitimate write-offs. Some business owners will go so far as to have their accountants restate past earnings and file amended tax returns to be able to show the “right” bottom line. That’s right, they are paying back-taxes just to qualify for a loan. Today, there are loans based on bank statements. If the business is showing significant cash-flow, the owner qualifies for a loan. The best rates are reserved for those who can show 24+ months of bank statements yet even with a single month’s bank statement it is possible to get a mortgage.

 Foreign Nationals

Another myth surrounding home loans is that they are only available to people who can show tax returns and a FICO score. This would limit borrowers to people residing in the US. Not so. You can qualify for a loan by submitting your information for your country and once it checks out, you will qualify for the appropriate loan. As this process involves verifying information in another country, give yourself plenty of time. It could take a few days or more to hear back from the institutions in the particular country.

Financial Hardship

For those who went through Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sale or gave up their Deed-In-Lieu of foreclosure, there is no need to wait for all the years it takes to have this event fall off your credit report. There are mortgages specifically designed with this in mind. You can be as little as 1 day out of Bankruptcy (or foreclosure/short sale/deed-in-lieu) and still qualify if you meet the criteria.

Long-term Investor

For investors taking the long-term view, there are loans for investors who have 10 mortgages already. As long as you can show the cash-flow and Debt-To-Income to justify the additional purchase(s), there are loans customized to these circumstances as long as everything can be documented.

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