Avoiding the big expenses when selling your home can be easier than you think. The trade off is 1) doing things yourself rather than hiring someone and 2) taking care of things before going on the market.

Doing it yourself

Buyers like to see a nicely staged home, even if they say otherwise. A staged home shows them the potential of the home and how they’d feel living their. On the other hand a home that has that lived-in look is usually the one that a buyer will immediately scratch off their list and quickly forget. You can borrow a book on staging at  your local library or order one from Amazon. Always remember the “less is more” golden rule when de-cluttering your home.

First Impressions

Your home’s exterior appearance makes the first impression. Make it count. Mow the lawn, replace dead/dying plants, scrub the entrance exterior to remove any scents (such as cigarette smoke), replace any cracked window panes. Paint the exterior (at least the side that faces the street) if it is faded. All these things go a long way to drawing people in.


Steam clean the carpets and consider fresh interior paint if it has been more than a few years since you last painted. Drapes also trap scents so consider having them dry-cleaned. This is especially true of you have pets and or smokers in the house.


Have the home inspected and make repairs before you go on the market. This will save you having to argue over repairs with the buyer. You can share your inspection report with them and they may opt to by-pass their own inspection. Either way, you have a basis for negotiation if it comes down to repairs.